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Natasha Tynes is a Jordanian-American freelance journalist, media development professional and entrepreneur. She blogs for IJNet and the Huffington Post while running her digital strategy company, Tynes Media Group. Tynes is fluent in Arabic and based in Washington, D.C.

Latest Stories

Tips and tools for journalists to brand themselves

In the era of job cuts and the digital overtake of traditional media roles, it's becoming more important than ever for journalists to stand out.

Natasha Tynes | January 29, 2015

Nine podcasts for journalists

Podcasts are back in vogue, thanks to the popularity of the Serial podcast. Here are a list of journalism podcasts that media practitioners can listen to for on-the-go tips and inspiration. 

Natasha Tynes | January 21, 2015

In light of Charlie Hebdo attack, do cartoonists and satirists receive enough security?

Wednesday’s massacre of the journalists working for the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has shocked the world with its brutality, and reignited the debate about free expression.

Natasha Tynes | January 09, 2015

Free handbook on verifying social media, breaking news now available in Arabic

The handbook features advice on verifying videos and images, preparing for disaster coverage and which verification tools to use.

Natasha Tynes | December 17, 2014 A new venture that covers news within social media networks

The project will use Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and more to produce "native journalism" for social media communities, rather than directing people off of these platforms to an outside website.

Natasha Tynes | December 12, 2014

Tips and resources for journalists covering ISIS

Journalists covering ISIS have a lot to consider - how to stay secure on the ground, what kind of images to use, which name to use for the group and more. Here are resources that can help.

Natasha Tynes | October 06, 2014

Online resources to help your audience understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Whether you're trying to put the latest escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian violence in context for your audience or trying to stay informed yourself, here are social media accounts and websites to check out.

Natasha Tynes | July 28, 2014

“SaferJourno" toolkit offers digital security resources for media trainers

In the age of hacked iPhones and computer surveillance, journalists must be more vigilant about digital security.

Natasha Tynes | April 07, 2014