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Knight International Journalism Fellow Juan Manuel Casanueva enables ICT for Social Change projects in Latin America. He is developing Civic Engagement Labs in Mexico and Central America to support data-driven media projects, as well as building networks to improve collaboration between technologists, journalists and civil society organizations in Latin America. Casanueva is the CEO and co-founder of SocialTIC, a non-profit that empowers change-makers though the strategic use of ICTs, open data and digital narratives. 

Latest Stories

Journalism and the Latin American open data agenda

ICFJ Knight Fellow Juan Manuel Casanueva examines the open data boom highlighted during the AbreLatam and ConDatos events in Santiago, Chile. 

Juan Manuel Casanueva | October 12, 2015

Five key questions journalists should ask to raise audience engagement

ICFJ Knight Fellow Juan Manual Casanueva lists five questions journalists should ask before implementing a citizen engagement tech project in the newsroom.

Juan Manuel Casanueva | June 30, 2015

Tips for implementing technology projects in newsrooms

Implementing technology projects in newsrooms or media organizations that traditionally don't have tech support can be a challenge. Here are five suggestions for starting such endeavors, based on experience.

Juan Manuel Casanueva | June 11, 2015

How journalists can find, extract and use open data

ICFJ Knight Fellow Juan Manuel Casanueva recaps a workshop he led on open data at the recent Media Party Miami. 

Juan Manuel Casanueva | March 02, 2015

Latin America shares lessons about open data at #AbreLatam14

Open data promoters and users from across the region traveled to Mexico City to participate in the recent AbreLatam unconference to share their knowledge and experiences.

Juan Manuel Casanueva | November 05, 2014