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Knight International Journalism Fellow Javier Garza is developing courses and workshops on digital security for journalists and bloggers in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America. 

Latest Stories

New site Periodistas en Riesgo offers safety resources for Mexican journalists

The Spanish-language site tracks attacks against Mexican journalists on a map, and features legal advice, security guidelines and more. 

Javier Garza | February 03, 2015

Five questions all journalists should ask themselves about their digital security

The first step to using digital media more safely is to identify potential threats or points of weakness in how you use your devices and tools. 

Javier Garza | November 17, 2014

Mapping attacks on journalists can help newsrooms assess risks

Visualizations of attacks can help newsrooms identify potential dangers, as well as needed security training and protocols, for their reporters.

Javier Garza | September 12, 2014

Journalists at risk of attacks need action, not just words

The delegates, journalists and observers at a recent meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council were at a loss to explain why violence against the press is increasing despite years of efforts to curtail it.

Javier Garza | August 04, 2014

World Cup coverage highlights need for security protocols and training for journalists

Covering an event like the World Cup is an enormous task for any news organization, but the social instability in Brazil has forced journalists to focus on something more than goals and cheering fans.

Javier Garza | June 10, 2014