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Knight International Journalism Fellow James Breiner created Latin America's first digital journalism center at the University of Guadalajara. For two years, James was the director of the master's program in Global Business Journalism at Tsinghua University in Beijing. James now writes for his blog, News Entrepreneurs, and is a visiting professor of communication and digital art at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico

Latest Stories

How investigative journalism brings commercial value to news outlets

High-quality journalism can become part of a newsroom's brand, and "branding power translates into pricing power."

James Breiner | September 10, 2013

Skills every aspiring journalist should learn

With the many demands the job market places on journalism graduates, it's nearly impossible for the curriculum to cover it all.

James Breiner | September 04, 2013

What massive open online courses, or MOOCs, mean for journalism

Students are demanding that courses be available to them whenever, wherever and on whatever platform they choose, and in formats that they prefer. Enter the massive open online course (MOOC).

James Breiner | September 03, 2013

Bezos' purchase of Post has parallels in China

Jack Ma, chairman of China's e-commerce leader, Alibaba, has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in a Twitter-like microblogging plaform and a mapping service.

James Breiner | August 26, 2013

Five dirty words journalists must learn to say without blushing

Journalists who want to launch their own media outlets need to get comfortable with these concepts.

James Breiner | July 22, 2013

Lessons for news startups from the Entrepreneurial Journalism Lab

Entrepreneurial journalists in Latin America discuss how to overcome financial and other obstacles as they experiment with new types of independent media.

James Breiner | July 04, 2013

How news organizations can use WeChat to reach users in China

The free text and voice message service for mobile phones can help news outlets broaden their audiences.

James Breiner | June 05, 2013

When are web publishers allowed to use content from other sites and social media?

Here are guidelines to help web publishers navigate copyright and fair use.

James Breiner | May 23, 2013