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New York Times social media editor discusses breaking news Twitter feed

IJNet spoke with Liz Heron, social media editor of The New York Times, about the hazards of retweeting and the future of the paper's new Twitter feed, @NYTLive, dedicated to breaking news events.

Dana Liebelson | September 07, 2011

Social media giants woo traditional journalists

Journalists laid off by cash-crunched newsrooms should consider sending their resumes to social media companies — Google, Twitter and Facebook are all hiring or have recently hired editorial staff.

Dana Liebelson | August 30, 2011

IJNet Journalist of the Month: P. Wanja Njuguna

Each month, IJNet features an international journalist who exemplifies the profession and has used the site to further his or her career. This month's journalist is P. Wanja Njuguna, a Kenyan lecturer and editor working in Botswana.

Dana Liebelson | June 01, 2011

Old media clashes with new over social media guidelines

When old media sets ground rules for use of new media, controversy is bound to ensue. The American Society of News Editors recently wrote social media guidelines that prompted a flutter of disagreement on Twitter.

Dana Liebelson | May 27, 2011

Journalism trainer: blogging "a must" for professional journalists

Magda Abu-Fadil, a foreign correspondent and director of the Journalism Training Program at the American University of Beirut, spoke with IJNet about 21st-century journalism and why journalists should blog.

Dana Liebelson | May 26, 2011

Social media TV shows compared: The Stream vs. What's Trending

Both Al Jazeera and CBS News have launched broadcasts that use social media to drive the programming, but that is about all they have in common.

Dana Liebelson | May 19, 2011

YouTube channel honors slain journalists

A YouTube channel launched to honor fallen journalists has already received more than 70 video submissions. Video tributes have been uploaded from Greece, Thailand and Mexico.

Dana Liebelson | May 17, 2011

News sites may soon offer journalists cash for clicks

News sites may soon offer writers cash bonuses based on page views, but some fear this model could damage journalism quality. IJNet spoke with USA Today about its possible bonus plan.

Dana Liebelson | May 11, 2011