Anna-Catherine Brigida

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Anna-Cat Brigida is a freelance journalist who covers politics, immigration and human rights across Latin America. She has reported in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia and Argentina for publications like The Los Angeles Times, The Daily Beast, Vice’s Broadly, Al Jazeera and the BBC, among others. She is currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Latest Stories

How community news can solve the problems of parachute journalism

Inside the growing push toward locally focused journalism around the world, from Ferguson, Missouri to Rio de Janeiro.

Anna-Catherine Brigida | December 13, 2016

Community-driven newspapers reshape global perceptions of slums

Across the globe, residents of slums — or highly populated, working-class urban areas — are pushing back against negative stereotypes with hyperlocal, community-driven journalism.

Anna-Catherine Brigida | December 08, 2016

Despite advances, violence against journalists in Colombia persists

Last year, violence against Colombia's journalists rose by 40 percent. Pedro Vaca, director of FLIP, explains what can be done to reduce this aggression.

Anna-Catherine Brigida | February 16, 2016