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Jenny Manrique is a freelance journalist based in San Francisco. Born in Colombia, her work has been published in outlets such as Semana, El Espectador, Folha de São Paulo, Americas Quarterly,, New America Media, The Boston Globe, The New York Times and several other publications in both English and Spanish. She was awarded IWMF’s Neuffer Fellowship to MIT and Ochberg fellowship from Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma.

Latest Stories

Journalists' startups bridge gap between storytelling and technology

At a recent event in New York, fellows at the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism showcased their media startups and news platforms.

Jenny Manrique | May 25, 2016

Do you speak Spanglish?: Producing content for Latino audiences

What should news organizations know when trying to engage Latino audiences? Editors recently shared their advice and tips at the Hispanicize event in Miami.

Jenny Manrique | April 18, 2016

For journalists covering Cuba, challenges persist despite thaw in relations

Since the U.S. and Cuba began normalizing relations in late 2014, journalists are now flocking to Cuba. A recent panel at the Hispanicize event in Miami discussed some of the challenges reporters in Cuba may face.

Jenny Manrique | April 12, 2016

Voices from the developing world: The Global Press Institute model of journalism

At the Global Press Institute's recent 10-year anniversary event, editors outlined the organization's strategy for training women to be professional journalists around the world.

Jenny Manrique | March 15, 2016

Data storytellers share narrative tips at Data on Purpose conference

During the recent Data on Purpose conference at Stanford University, data storytelling innovators shared advice, insight and tools for bringing numbers to life within a narrative.

Jenny Manrique | February 23, 2016

Journalists and media entrepreneurs demo new tools at Hacks/Hackers Connect

How can media organizations create a more effective user experience and a better business model? Journalists and entrepreneurs alike recently gathered in San Francisco to find the answer.

Jenny Manrique | February 01, 2016

AJ+, Fusion and Timeline offer advice for engaging millennial audiences

The millennial audience consumes news in many unique ways. Here's how startups like AJ+, Fusion and Timeline are leading the way in producing content that keeps this audience engaged.

Jenny Manrique | January 06, 2016

Five tools for journalists’ online safety, privacy highlighted during Aaron Swartz Day event

How can journalists keep sensitive information secure while working digitally? News outlets recently gathered in San Francisco to discuss the best tools for doing so during a recent Aaron Swartz Day event.

Jenny Manrique | November 16, 2015