Webb on the Web: Tag Your Friends Anywhere on the Web

by Amy Webb
Oct 30, 2018 in Social Media

A few days ago, I happened upon Taggable, which is a new service that lets you "tag" the people you know on the websites they visit.

"Tagging" has become a popular phenomenon on the web these days, since it's an easy way to identify a person in a photo or news article. Clicking on that person's tag enables you to drill down and see lots of other information about him or her. If you use Facebook on a regular basis, you're likely already familiar with tagging photos: you click on a person's face and can enter his or her name.

Taggable, a project from The Start Project, now lets you use your Facebook account to tag people on other websites. For example, you can use Taggable to tag photos uploaded to Flickr, and you can also tag people who appear on blogs. It's a great way to identify yourself and your friends on sites all over the web.

More information on how to use Taggable on your blog or website here.

See Taggable in action here. This is what it looks like:

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