Top road-tested iPhone apps for mobile journalists

by IJNet
Oct 30, 2018 in Miscellaneous

Students at the University of California Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism took an eight-week crash course in mobile reporting, using iPhones to cover breaking news scenarios and conduct interviews.

After coming to grips with all the apps and gear on offer, students Casey Capachi, Evan Wagstaff, Matt Sarnecki, along with instructors Richard Koci Hernandez and Jeremy Rue, developed a handy Mobile Reporting Field Guide that you can download as a .PDF or free iPad app. The 46-page guide is packed with reviews of apps as well as all the accessories that make shooting news on the fly a little easier.

Here are IJNet's picks from the apps that met the mojo road test.

Filmic Pro $3.99. Despite a few bugs, this app gives a considerable boost to the iPhone's video capabilities, including adding audio meters, exposure and focus control. It also beats the native video app for recording interviews on a tripod.

ProCamera $2.99. Students found this to be the best all-around app for photos who found the lock-in features for balance and exposure good to have for snapping pics on the go.

Camera Awesome Free basic version. This video and photo app offers some quirky filters and social network upload capability along with the lock-in exposure and balance features of pricier apps.

Hindenburg Field Recorder $29.99. Specifically designed for journalists in the field, this well-designed app records audio, lets you mark points of interest while recording and allows for some simple edits. If you're not sure about the price, you can start with the free version, which lets you record sound bites of up to one minute each.

1st Video - Video Editor $9.99. Calling it "impressive," students said this iPhone app trumped competing editing apps, including Apple's own iMovie app. You can use it to mix video clips and pictures via two video tracks, plus mix in up to two tracks of audio or background music. It can record voice-overs, and offers a script-writing feature, though the mojos note that it does require some prep time--preferably when you're not on deadline--to figure out how it works.

Image: Filmic Pro app.

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