Technology may blur lines between journalism and activism

by IJNet
Oct 30, 2018 in Miscellaneous

An author debates how technology is changing journalism's role in activism, Instagram overtakes Twitter in audience engagement and more in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by the Center for International Media Assistance.

What's the difference between journalism and activism?

As technology changes how news is gathered and delivered, should journalism continue to be sharply distinguished from activism and other kinds of free speech? (Nieman Reports, 12/11)

2014: The year of personalized journalism ethics

This was the year that “personalizing” journalism ethics went mainstream. Major journalism associations, from the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) to the Online News Association (ONA) grappled with the problem of writing ethical guidelines for an increasingly personalized, opinionated and politically biased media sphere. (PBS MediaShift, 12/16)

Now Instagram is dominating Twitter in another hugely important way

Earlier this month Instagram revealed it had overtaken Twitter in terms of users: 300 million to Twitter’s 284 million. Data provided to Business Insider from social media analytics company Socialbakers shows Instagram is not only gaining traction in sheer numbers of users, but posts from the biggest brands on the photo app are receiving almost 50 times more engagement (at the highest level) too. (Business Insider, 12/16)

Main image CC-licensed by Flickr via Linh Do.