Story ideas: health and family planning

Oct 30, 2018 in Specialized Topics

Journalists looking to report on health and family planning in Uganda -- or other countries in Africa -- can use the following story ideas to get started. This list originally appeared as part of a larger article in the Uganda Health Reporter, a publication of the Uganda Health Communication Alliance. To view the original article, click here.

  • Why abortion has persisted in Uganda
  • Why women shun modern birth control method
  • Causes of high maternal death rate in Uganda
  • 6,000 women die of child birth every year in Uganda
  • Uganda women do not use new family planning methods
  • Increasing maternal mortality rate in Uganda
  • Can abortion be legalized in Uganda?
  • High death rates among teenagers resulting from unsafe abortion in northern Uganda
  • Myths about modern family planning methods
  • Maternal health on the rise due to few health workers in Uganda
  • Why women do not go for family planning services
  • How culture impacts on the use of modern family planning methods
  • Are men to be blamed for the increased maternal mortality rate?
  • Negative attitude by male partners towards some family planning methods

Additionally, when reporting on this topic, it’s useful to keep these issues/challenges in mind:

  • Cultural beliefs
  • Religious biasness towards some family planning methods
  • Ignorance among some communities
  • Negative attitudes by some communities towards some modern family planning methods
  • High Illiteracy level
  • Withholding of information by health practitioners
  • Accessibility to the remote villages
  • Hardship in interviewing minors and yet they are the most affected
  • Editorial policies of different media houses on covering health issues
  • Denial of accurate information by the victims
  • Some information sources being harsh