Steal this story: Poderopedia invites users to republish its work, use its code

by Miguel Paz
Oct 30, 2018 in Miscellaneous

The Poderopedia platform reveals the relationships among elites in a country or region, especially in places where power is concentrated in the hands of a few people.

After winning the Knight News Challenge in 2011, we launched Poderopedia in Chile last fall.

Our goal: to map who is who in business and politics in our country, and to offer an open source version of our platform to let anyone map relationships in their own communities.

Since then, the platform has received much international coverage, and many Chilean news websites have used Poderopedia to do fact-checking and background reporting. They also quote news from it and reuse our content, thanks to our Creative Commons 3.0 license.

This week, as part of my ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellowship, we took a giant step toward expanding the platform. We added several new features that let users republish, reuse and add to our content and code in a easy way.

Here are some key features:


All Poderopedia profiles now include the "Republish" option. By clicking "Republish," the system displays a message explaining the conditions for reusing our content, along with a "Copy profile" button. ProPublica created this feature, and is sharing it with us, along with its metrics tracker called Pixel Ping.

We encourage you to use our content and post it on your news website, blog or personal website for free, as long as you follow the basic rules of attribution: quote Poderopedia as author and include a link from your website to the original content.

News River

As the name implies, each Poderopedia profile now has a tab called "News River." When you click on this, you see a list of the latest news stories where the entity (such as a person or a company, school or other institution) is mentioned, including the name of the media source, the title and the date of publication. This feature is still in testing phase. Please give us your opinion of it by using the Feedback tab on the right side of the website.

Update this

Do you think the information on a given Poderopedia profile is out of date? Click on the profile's new "Needs Updating" link to suggest new information that we should add.

Our first API

If you are a programmer, this feature is for you. The first version of Poderopedia's API (Application Programming Interface) is now available. We are interested in hearing feedback from developers who use it. The Poderopedia API allows you to generate maps of connections from the D3.js library using the Poderopedia database of entities and connections. It also lets you make general searches and queries from the Poderopedia database of existing entities.

To use the Poderopedia API you must get an API Key. Request it by sending an email to: team AT

A growing community

This week, Poderopedia reached 1,600 registered users. The number of visitors to the platform and the amount of uploaded content are growing as well. We are grateful to our growing community that is dedicated to making information and power available to everyone.

Vote for us in the Data Journalism Awards

As you may know, Poderopedia is a finalist in the Data Journalism Awards. We want to rock the Public's Choice Award. We are currently running in second place. By casting your vote here, you can help us beat the giants of global journalism.

Miguel Paz is a Chilean journalist and founder and CEO of Poderopedia and an ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellow.

Image courtesy of Poderopedia.