New app allows freelancers to auction stories to the highest bidder

by Dana Liebelson
Oct 30, 2018 in Freelancing

A web application that allows freelancers to auction stories to editors around the world will begin a trial launch on October 4. The app will be free for both editors and reporters selected for the trial.

Qluso, which was developed by a startup company based in Ireland, allows freelancers to set a reserve price and time limit on exclusive stories. According to, editors will place bids to publish articles first, and pay writers the same day the story is sold.

The startup aims to feature 5,000 freelance users and 200 news editors by its first year, and will eventually take a 15 percent commission from each sale.

Some freelancers fear the site will allow editors to pay the lowest possible price for stories, and will prevent journalists from keeping control of their work. But developers say the application is a writer-friendly tool that will help freelancers get paid the best price, fast.

The site will officially launch in January. As a journalist or freelancer, would you consider auctioning your stories online?