Media alliance in Pakistan aims to address gender inequity

by Dana Liebelson
Oct 30, 2018 in Diversity and Inclusion

An organization in Swat, Pakistan, is hoping to increase gender equality in the media through the formation of an alliance of local journalists. At present, less than a quarter of Pakistani women are active in the workforce. Women earn significantly less than their male counterparts. And the country's female literacy rate is at 32 percent.

The primary goals of the media alliance are to train journalists about the importance of gender equity and to organize workshops and seminars for members of the media. Events will focus on promoting equal education, equal employment opportunities, women's political participation and gender-specific health care. Organizers also hope to form a bridge between civil society and the government, and address policy inadequacies.

Both male and female journalists working in print, online and broadcast media can become members. Journalists from Pakistan interested in becoming involved in the effort can contact the coordinator Muslim Ullah Khan at 03435725951.