Maximizing multimedia in online news

by Rob Winder
Oct 30, 2018 in Digital Journalism

Making the most of multimedia on the web involves thinking differently about how information is presented and where it is placed. As more and more media organizations offer converged news offerings, journalists are being asked to use new tools and apply new techniques.

Journalist and news editor, Rob Winder, offers some of his editing tips from his experience on the news desk at BBC News Online, Al Jazeera English and now at the news hub at Amnesty International. This article was first published last year, but has since been updated.

In the early 1990s if you looked at the media industry, you would find that most organizations specialized in one area.

Video and audio was produced by specialist broadcasters, while text was produced in newspapers and magazines. The internet has changed all that. Broadcasters such as the BBC are producing text news stories and blogs, while newspapers like The Guardian and The New York Times are producing video, podcasts and graphics.

Most media organizations have recognized that to compete, they have to offer a range of information on their site in the mix of formats that people want.

And video hosting sources such as YouTube make it is easier and cheaper than ever to produce a well-rounded multi-media story.

But producing that new media on a web page means thinking in a different way about how that information is presented and where the key information should be placed.

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