Investigative Reporters and Editors launches on-demand data journalism training site

by IJNet
Oct 30, 2018 in Data Journalism

Want to become a data journalist? You’re going to need a lot of perseverance — as well as the right training.

To help make data journalism more accessible to all, Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) recently launched NICAR-Learn, an online platform of training videos that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

“NICAR-Learn is a place for journalists to demonstrate their best tricks and strategies for working with data and for others to learn from some of the best data journalists in the business,” IRE wrote in a statement.

Unlike many online training platforms, NICAR-Learn’s content won’t consist of hour-long webinars. Instead, NICAR-Learn will produce a library of short videos, often less than 10 minutes long, to train journalists on specific topics or techniques relating to data journalism.

The first NICAR-Learn videos come from data journalist MaryJo Webster, who has produced four tutorials that draw from her popular “Excel Magic” course. Users can request specific tutorials by submitting their ideas to IRE.

These videos are available with a subscription: US$40 per year for non-IRE members and US$25 for IRE members. 

To learn more, visit NICAR-Learn’s “Getting Started” page.

Image CC-licensed on Flickr via Kailash Gyawali.