Finding statistics for your health stories

by Melina Koutsis
Oct 30, 2018 in Specialized Topics

Journalists looking for data on health can use the Global Health Facts site.

Global Health Facts, a project funded by the Kaiser Family Foundation, provides a user-friendly interface to review data on HIV/AIDs, malaria, health workforces and other health topics by country.

This tool can be especially useful to journalists wanting to substantiate points in their articles with statistics and data. By using the Global Health Facts page, journalists can review health data by country or topic.

Global Health Facts also allows users to customized data sheets comparing up to five countries across over 100 indicators. For example, you could compare the government health expenditures in Uganda with the expenditures in South Africa. This data can then be easily exported to Excel or saved as a PDF.

In addition to the Global Health Facts, visitors can browse a selection of useful reporting tools, such as glossaries and reporting handbooks.

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