Eight journalists to follow on Twitter for information on China

by Yolanda Ma
Oct 30, 2018 in Social Media

Twitter can be a great resource for news about China. Yolanda Ma, senior editor of IJNet's Chinese channel, offers these picks for whom to follow on the microblogging service for updated information on China in English.

Our recent post introduced a few sites to follow for news about China in English. Some of those sites also have Twitter feeds, including China Digital Times, ChinaSMACK and China Media Project.

That's just the beginning, though. Twitter provides a number of correspondents who report from China and provide opinions in English. Here is a handful to start - remember that the "people similar to..." function on Twitter is a good way to expand your network.

Evan Osnos

Evan Osnos is a staff writer at The New Yorker covering China. His column, letter from China, is a must-read for China observers. He often writes long-form in-depth stories, including many profiles. He tweets mostly his own writing and sometimes online discussions too.

Tania Branigan

Tania Branigan, based in Beijing, works for The Guardian. She retweets a lot and has public twitter conversations. Her tweets give a good idea of what foreign correspondents focus on and what the life of an expat journalist in China is like.

Mark MacKinnon

MacKinnon covers East Asia for Canada's national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, so his tweets are wide-ranging. He focuses on mainly on economy and politics.

William Albano

William Albano is an tech and marketing writer who works in Taipei office of a Silicon Valley startup. He tweets stories from a wide range of media outlets and is a rich and useful curator of China-related news.

Malcolm Moore

While most of China correspondents are based in Beijing or Hong Kong, Moore is in Shanghai for the Daily Telegraph. He sometimes tweets (or retweets) about TV dating shows or dogs being banned – those colorful details of China life that are rarely reported by the foreign press.

Tom Lasseter

Lasseter is the Beijing Bureau Chief for McClatchy Newspapers. He shares what he is reading, what his friends recommend and of course RTs. He is also constantly engages in Twitter conversations with other China-related tweeples, which makes his tweets more interesting.

Gady Epstein

Correspondent for The Economist in Beijing. Has a conversational style of tweeting and usually RTs with comments.

Melissa Chan

Chan is the Al Jazeera English correspondent in China. Her tweets are not always about politics or economy, but often more juicy and with impressive quotes.

Jack Liu contributed to this story.