Developing business models for media startups in Brazil

by Oren Levine
Nov 2, 2018 in Media Sustainability
Civil event Brazil


ICFJ, with support from Civil, held an event in São Paulo focused on building sustainable business models. Participants listened to a panel of media entrepreneurs and had the opportunity to to pitch their own ideas to experts who offered feedback.

Since the event was in Portuguese, I sat down with Sérgio Spagnuolo, ICFJ Truthbuzz Fellow and event moderator, to discuss the panelists, pitches and winning project.

Listen to our discussion below:

This week, ICFJ will host similar event in Argentina. After wrapping up in Latin America, similar live events will take place in the Middle East and Asia, and IJNet will host webinars on the topics for those that aren't able to travel to the cities where events are held. 

Main image courtesy of Oren Levine.