BBC launches new interactive mapping website

by بسام سبتي
Oct 31, 2018 in Digital Journalism

If you are a journalist interested in Pakistan’s floods, the world’s historic places, space or even festivals, then you should check out BBC Dimensions.

BBC Dimensions is a new website that gives you an idea of the scale of issues and events around the world, such as the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Hajj (Muslims’ pilgrimage to Mecca), the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and much more.

According to the site, “Dimensions is part of the BBC's continual experimentation in trying to find new ways to communicate history. In the case of the Dimensions protoype, it came out of a series of workshops and research in summer 2009, into what new forms of digital media could bring to the field.”

Based on feedback from users, the BBC will decide whether to integrate BBC Dimensions into its online history and news coverage.

The website’s prototype was made by BERG, a London-based design consultancy.

Check out BBC Dimensions here. For more on how the project was created, check out BERG’s blog post.