5 ways to make your email newsletters stand out

by Rachel Wise
Oct 30, 2018 in Digital Journalism

Email newsletters are far from new, but recently there’s been a resurgence in their popularity. With this renewed interest come new techniques. We look at five innovative approaches to delivering newsletters, inspired by Clover LetterBuzzFeed and TheSkimm
Reporting by Whitney Matewe.

For more information:

  • BuzzFeed has 12 core newsletters but, in total, close to 30 different newsletter brands — like DIYFood and Animals. Their newest is the "Gift Guide" newsletter, which launched in late July.
  • Clover Letter recently launched a mobile app for iOS users. The app features shareable archives allowing subscribers to search for specific topics and content.
  • TheSkimm offers a mobile subscription service called Skimm Ahead that's available for iPhone users. The app automatically syncs to people’s digital calendars to alert them of big news and cultural events. For examples, users might see in their calendars “reminders for tax day, Tuesday’s New York presidential primary and Netflix’s rollout of the second season of 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,'” according to The Wall Street Journal.

Rachel Wise is a senior editor at the Reynolds Journalism Institute and editor and co-producer of the weekly Futures Lab video update.

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Main image CC-licensed by Flickr via Beate Meier.