How to go viral

byIJNetJun 9, 2022 in Mobile Journalism
A man talking into the camera.

Creating a video is only half of the work of getting a story out — the other half is making sure audiences actually view your content. While “going viral” can be due just as much to luck as the quality of your content, following a few pieces of advice can better ensure that your content is reaching your intended audience. 


  • First, think about who is going to watch your video, and why. Having a “target audience” can help narrow down what steps you need to take to have your content seen by those viewers. 
  • Know what kind of emotion your content will evoke. Are you aiming to make people feel inspired or curious? Do you want to make your viewers  laugh or call them to action? The emotions of your video can determine what kind of audience will be drawn to it. 
  • Look at the pages, groups and influencers that might be interested in sharing your content. Create a list of people and groups to reach out to early on. 
  • Tell groups that you want to share your content before you publish. This can help create a “ripple effect” for your content to reach the maximum number of viewers once it is published. 

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