Women's media entrepreneurship program open [France]

Posted on Feb 12, 2021 in Media Sustainability

Women media entrepreneurs whose project started less than 18 months ago and aspiring women entrepreneurs can apply for this program.

Source is a free program created by Créatis, funded by the European Social Fund, intended for women who are underrepresented in the media and culture ecosystem.

The program aims to contribute to the removal of specific obstacles women face in their entrepreneurship journeys (funding, trust, network, communication).

The program has two branches: the Prep Source, which takes place over a month and a half, for women who wish to develop a project and want to learn about the principles of entrepreneurship; and the Incubation Source, which takes place over six months, for women who have just launched a project and wish to develop project development skills.

The deadline for the Prep Source is Feb. 25. The deadline for the Incubation Source is March 11.