Women journalists' collective launches survey on harassment [Brazil]

Posted on Mar 17, 2022 in Digital and Physical Safety

Women journalists based in Brasília, Brazil, can take this survey.

The Women Journalists' Collective in Brasília has launched the second round of the survey Sexual Harrassment and Working Conditions of Women Journalists.

The study is going to shed light on the reality faced by women based in the city who work in the media, and also will update the data from the first survey, launched back in 2019.

The collective aims at identifying the types of violence that affect women at work, so effective measures can be put into practice to prevent and address violence towards women working in the media. They also will investigate if outlets are complying with the workers' rights.

While the survey is focused on women working at Brasília's outlets, women working in newsrooms across Brazil can take the survey as well, by indicating where they are based.

Answers can be submitted until March 31.