Webinar: The contrast in reporting the HIV and COVID-19 epidemics in South Africa [Worldwide]

Posted on Apr 10, 2020 in COVID-19 Reporting

During the height of the HIV epidemic in South Africa, the news media and the government had an extremely hostile relationship because of the state's denial of HIV science. Access to health department information was virtually non-existent.

Enter COVID-19 and South Africa’s government responds with a widely-praised, evidence-based response in the very early stages of the epidemic.

Mia Malan, who has reported on both of these outbreaks, analyzes how her country's differing responses to HIV and the new coronavirus have changed how news media report on them and shares the lessons learned.

This webinar is part of the Global Health Crisis Reporting Forum from the International Center for Journalists and IJNet. 

It will take place on April 16 at 10:00 a.m. EDT on Zoom.