Solutions journalism training focuses on migration [Europe]

Posted on Feb 5, 2020 in Specialized Topics

Journalists interested in covering migration can apply for this free training.

A group of journalists of The Local in Sweden has developed a curriculum for applying the techniques of solutions journalism to migration reporting as part of the EU-wide project Maximizing Migrants' Contributions to Society.

The initiative aims to expand the public narrative around immigration in Europe and highlight stories of real people who have migrated and the communities they have joined.

The training will combine face-to-face and online sessions throughout 2020, depending on successful candidates' location and availability.

Topics will cover the state of reporting on migration in Europe today, practice guidelines, an introduction to solutions journalism, how to write a solutions-focused migration story and how to maximize your work’s impact and engagement.

While the final deadline is March 31, the organizers are recommending to apply as early as possible.