Contribute to ICFJ and Tow Center's study of COVID-19’s effects on the media industry [Worldwide]

Posted on Jun 24, 2022 in COVID-19 Reporting

What are the longer-term effects of the pandemic on journalists and journalism? How can news organizations, donors and civil society adapt? And can this existential crisis now be recast as journalism's reformation moment?

These are the key questions ICFJ and Columbia University’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism are examining in the second phase of the Journalism and the Pandemic Project.

Building on a global survey of over 2,000 journalists in 145 countries conducted in mid 2020 as the pandemic set in, the project is now conducting a new survey to map the longer term impacts and needs of journalists around the world in the context of an ongoing pandemic, while also seeking to assess the myriad creative ways in which journalists have responded to the challenges and opportunities presented by a period of historic upheaval and transformation.

By taking this new survey (offered in five languages) journalists are contributing to a unique longitudinal study of global journalism's reaction to an historic event. The study will enhance understanding of how donors, policymakers and civil society organizations can support journalism under pressure.