Future of the American Child Journalism Fellowship open [US]

Posted on Oct 4, 2023 in Specialized Topics

U.S. journalists interested in covering health, education, gun violence and other public policies that affect children can apply for a fellowship.

The National Press Foundation (NPF) is offering the Future of the American Child Journalism Fellowship. The program offers three separate fellowships in 2023 to help journalists cover the nuances and complexities of public policies that affect children and the changes in child well-being.

The third program focuses on economic will be held Jan. 21 - 24 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The foundation will cover airfare, hotel, transportation to the airport and most meals.

Leading researchers, policymakers, advocates and senior journalists will speak on topics such as: the impact of economic instability on children’s mental health; effective policies and advocacy to address food insecurity; how quality health care improves educational achievement; and more. 

The application deadline is Nov. 8.