Environmental Journalism Awards open for Egyptian journalists [Egypt]

Posted on Nov 15, 2021 in Multimedia Journalism

Egyptian journalists covering environmental issues can apply to receive this award.

The German Embassy Cairo is looking for Egyptian journalists covering environmental and climate change related topics for Egyptian media to award them with this year's Environmental Journalism Awards.

The awards are offered as part of the Cairo Climate Talks, a series of monthly events held in cooperation between the German Embassy in Cairo and the Egyptian Ministry of Environmental Affairs with the aim of providing a platform to exchange experience, raise awareness, and foster cooperation between policymakers, the business community, the scientific community, and civil society.

One award will be granted in each of the following categories: written work in printed media, written work in online media, video/TV publication (min. three minutes), podcast/radio coverage (min. three minutes).

Work must be published in 2021.

The application deadline is Dec. 16.