Course on social media, journalism open [Latin America]

Posted on Apr 26, 2021 in Social Media

Journalists and other media professionals can enroll in this free course in Spanish.

Brazil's Institute for Technology & Society of Rio de Janeiro is launching the online training "Social media and journalism: reduce risks and engage your audience" on May 4.

The course will train journalists to use social platforms to their advantage, regaining control of their personal data.

Participants will learn about safety tools, freedom of expression online, types of online harassment that can be prosecuted and more.

The team of instructors include Alejandra Sánchez Inzunza, Fabro Steibel and Marcela Turati.

Students who attend 75% of the live classes will receive a certificate of completion and those who watch all recorded classes up to 15 days after the end of the course will receive a certificate of participation.

Registration is open.