Contest open to video journalists [Worldwide]

Posted on May 15, 2024 in Multimedia Journalism

Freelance journalists and video journalists who cover international news and current affairs can apply for an award.

The Rory Peck Awards, organized by the Rory Peck Trust, aim at honoring freelance journalists and filmmakers. The Rory Peck Trust was established in 1995, two years after freelance cameraman Rory Peck was killed while filming in Moscow.

There are four awards: news, features, the Sony Professional Impact Award for Current Affairs and the Martin Adler Prize for a local  freelance journalist or field producer.

In all categories, the awards recognize the quality of camerawork, but also take into account individual endeavor, initiative and journalistic ability.

Entries must have been broadcast (television, agency feed, recognized online news publisher) between July 6,  2023 and July 5, 2024. Works not in English must be accompanied by a detailed storyline and translation.

The deadline is July 5.