CHIC Magazine seeks editor, interns [China]

Posted on Aug 15, 2019 in Journalism Basics

Experienced journalists can apply for these positions in Shanghai. 

CHIC Magazine is looking for an editor, an intern editor and a fashion intern editor.

The editor will write articles and conduct celebrity interviews for its lifestyle section. Requirements include good writing ability, a high aesthetic vision and a sharp writing style. Three-plus years of relevant work experience is highly valued.

The intern editor will be handling the recordings of celebrity interviews, researching and organizing relevant news and information, and developing ideas for celebrity events. Candidates must have a sharp and creative mind, and write fluently and work across both print and new media.

The fashion intern editor will provide support in shoots, help develop fashion features and write fashion content for new media. The ideal person should be familiar with the fashion industry, have a unique fashion sense, and the ability to plan and organize events.

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