LiveWire app connects communities and media in South Africa

Using a community news alert app, South Africa's informal settlements are finding a new way to bring their stories to the media and make changes to their lives.

Ashlin Simpson | August 14, 2018

Tips for promoting your podcast

The podcast industry is booming, but the proliferation of podcasts makes it difficult for producers to attract new listeners. Here are some tips for promoting your podcast.

Clothilde Goujard | August 13, 2018

Weekly digital security round-up: Documenting internet shutdowns in Africa

Each week, the African Network of Centers for Investigative Reporting (ANCIR) posts a digital security round-up. This week's post focuses on internet black outs and Google's take on cyber security responsibility.

ANCIR | August 10, 2018

What worked and what didn’t in BBC’s hunt for new storytelling formats

BBC's research and development team spent four months experimenting with prototypes intended to move the BBC beyond standard articles. Here are some highlights from their findings.

Christine Schmidt | August 09, 2018

Best practices for reporting on mass shootings

Using best reporting practices when covering mass shootings — like the ones included here — helps prevent copycats and minimizes inaccurate speculations.

Cristiana Bedei | August 08, 2018

Kerning Cultures podcast adapts oral storytelling to the digital age

Perceptions of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are inadvertently shaped by sensationalist coverage of the region, erasing its humanity and nuance. The Kerning Cultures podcast hopes to fill this gap.

Sam Berkhead | August 07, 2018

When unexpected conflict strikes, journalists need to be prepared

In Nicaragua, many journalists were unprepared for the conditions in which they found themselves reporting after a series of deadly protests. One journalist shares his tips so others are not as unprepared. 

Fabrice Le Lous | August 06, 2018

Civil is creating a new marketplace for independent media

Understanding Civil — a new network of news organizations — might be overwhelming for people who don't understand the blockchain concept on which it's built. This conversation-style explainer can help.

Vivian Schiller | August 03, 2018

How La Nación produced an award-winning data journalism story

This Argentine team is constantly innovating new ways to tell stories and engage their audience.

Mathias Felipe | August 02, 2018
The RunRunes team at the IPYS Awards

Collaborative journalism is shaping Venezuela’s media scene

The best investigative reporting in Venezuela confirms the power of collaboration and cross-border reporting.


Priscila Hernández | August 01, 2018