Freelancing abroad: Manila through the eyes of Aurora Almendral

In the newest installment of our series, Freelancing Abroad, U.S.-born journalist Aurora Almendral shares her experience relocating to the Philippines. 

Clothilde Goujard | September 11, 2018

Sensors boost environmental journalism and citizen engagement in five African countries

Code for Africa is using sensors to collect and track recent — perhaps to-the-minute — local data for journalists, citizens and organizations.

Irene Wangui | September 10, 2018

At Misinfocon DC, participants brainstorm strategies to combat misinformation on WhatsApp

How can researchers make sense of the misinformation spreading on WhatsApp? Participants at the Credibility Coalition's workshop have some ideas.

Connie Moon Sehat | September 07, 2018

Cuba's thematic magazines appeal to readers eager for something different

These publications are distributed through USB and hard drives, and appeal to an audience hungry for new topics and more attractive content on the island.

Eileen Sosin Martínez | September 06, 2018

Leaders of Argentina's feminist magazine share tips for covering femicide

At Media Party 2018 in Buenos Aires, women from LatFem led a session with tips for covering femicide and other violence against women, which is a rampant problem in Latin America.

Jacqueline Strzemp | September 05, 2018

Will Mexico’s new president improve press security?

Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) will become Mexico’s president in December. After a decade of increasing violence against journalists, will AMLO's presidency signal a better future?

Lisa Martine Jenkins | September 04, 2018

To succeed as entrepreneurs, journalists must get used to these 'dirty' words

To go out on their own, journalists need to recognize that journalism is a business and that someone has to pay the bills. This means having discussions that make many journalists uncomfortable.

James Breiner | September 03, 2018

Creators of Vox's Borders series use local networks to inform their reporting

To avoid parachute journalism, Borders' creators used input from locals living in the border regions they planned to cover.

Christine Schmidt | August 31, 2018

In audio interview, ICFJ TruthBuzz Fellow discusses misinformation in Brazil

ICFJ Truthbuzz Fellow Sérgio Spagnuolo spoke about his fellowship plans, the challenges of fighting misinformation on WhatsApp, possible solutions and more.

IJNet | August 30, 2018

Taiwanese Cofacts fact-checks information on LINE

Misinformation is difficult to track, and debunk, when it's spread through messaging apps. Cofacts uses volunteer fact-checkers to address the problem. 

Kirsten Han | August 29, 2018