Webb on the Web: Getting Friendly...With FriendFeed

بواسطة Amy Webb
Oct 30, 2018 في Data Journalism

With the various new social networking tools, you may find it increasingly difficult to keep track of your various online personae and virtual friends. A relatively new tool called FriendFeed should help those of you with busy social networks.

FriendFeed allows you to create a custom "feed" made up of all the content your friends are posting to their social networks. It automatically updates and keeps the information on one page. FriendFeed doesn't work with every social network yet - for example, Facebook isn't on the list. But many of the other usual suspects - Flickr, LinkedIn, Pandora, Twitter, StumbleUpon - are already available for tracking.

Here's a look at my FriendFeed page:


Obviously, the more networks you belong to and the more people you know, the more content that will eventually appear on your feed.

Uses for reporting: Depending on who's in your network, using FriendFeed could help you more efficiently keep track of the people you follow. This can certainly help on deadline - and it can also be easy way to post a single message across multiple networks.

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