Free social media webinars available online

بواسطة Dana Liebelson
Oct 30, 2018 في Social Media

Journalists interested in social media can access three free online sessions.

The free webinar series, sponsored by the Reynolds Center, was originally held February 8 to 10. It has now been posted online. The first session, “Social Media 101,” deals with the basics for new social media users, with an introduction to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The second session teaches reporters how to use social media sites as research tools. For example, journalists will learn how to turn them into databases to find stories and sources, use Twitter lists and connect with a social community. The session also covers ethics and practical tips on using Web sources.

The third session focuses on “cutting through the clutter” and teaching reporters to filter content. It will show how to set up keyword searches, and find useful links and articles.

To access the self-guided sessions, click here.

Photo by xotoko, Creative Commons Attribution License