Liven up your social media feed using animation tool Legend

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Oct 30, 2018 في Social Media

How to animate text using Legend, GitHub tips for journalists and more in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by the Center for International Media Assistance.

App for journalists: Legend, for animating text

Create short GIFs to share on social media by animating text and video. (, 8/12)

GitHub tutorials and resources for journalists

I decided to learn Python in the winter of 2014. The decision was partially out of practicality — I thought it would help my work — and partially out of boredom — it was a long, cold winter in D.C. and a good time to pick up a new hobby.

I will admit: I’m still not the world’s best Python programmer. But I can scrape websites and write documentation and generally understand how people use GitHub, which is the largest repository of source code in the world. (Melody Kramer, Poynter, 8/12)

How women journalists can protect themselves online

In investigative journalist and sex columnist Violet Blue’s new book, The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy, released this month, she writes that the term “online while female” needs to be added to the lexicon of phrases connoting prejudice and harassment, such as “driving while black” and “flying while Muslim.” 

Women and LGBTQ people are specifically targeted online, says Blue. “As targeted people we go through a certain set of risks,” she adds. These are heightened for journalists—whose work, and often personal information, is readily accessible. (CJR, 8/13)

Reddit is now censoring posts and communities on a country-by-country basis

Reddit will censor posts and communities in certain countries in response to takedown requests from authorities, the company confirmed on Thursday night. (Business Insider, 8/14)

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