Journalism ethics

بواسطةIJNetJun 9, 2022 في Mobile Journalism
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As a mobile reporter, you are a journalist first and foremost – which means you have to abide by the same journalism ethics as other media professionals. Here are some major ethical considerations to keep in mind when reporting: 


  • Fairness. When reporting on an issue, especially if it implicates a certain individual or group, it’s important to reach out and give that party a chance to respond and give their statement and perspective. 
  • Maintain editorial independence. While accepting a scholarship, grant or fellowship to report on a story is not against journalism ethics, you should not be sponsored by a political group, corporation or individual to tell a particular story. 
  • Accountability. You should make sure that all of the information you provide is accurate to the best of your knowledge and be able to testify to this in court. 
  • Know that your audience trusts you to be a source of truthful information. Breaking that trust doesn’t just reflect on you; it can cause your audience to be less trustful of  journalists as a whole. At a time when trust in the media is low, your work is instrumental in restoring trust and confidence in factual reporting. 

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