Virtual dialogue on journalism in increasingly authoritarian contexts [Latin America]

Posted on Nov 17, 2021 في Specialized Topics

Journalists and others may attend this online dialogue in Spanish.

CONNECTAS organizes a new #DiálogoCONNECTAS on Nov. 24. There, the challenges of journalism in countries whose democracies are degrading will be addressed, including cases of authoritarianism, repressive radicalization, judicial criminalization and a difficult environment to report freely.

Speakers include Jessica Ávalos, Salvadoran journalist from Factum magazine; José Jasán, general editor of El Toque in Cuba; Nelfi Fernández, investigative and data journalist in Bolivia; Nelson Bocaranda, editor-in-chief of, Venezuela, and Octavio Enríquez, Nicaraguan journalist and editor at CONNECTAS.

Registration is now open.