What are the best data journalism resources in your country or language?

Calling data journalists worldwide: we need your help!

A recent IJNet post featured journalist and digital publishing consultant Phillip Smith's curation of more than 50 data journalism resources. The list includes guides, books, data repositories and presentations from all over the globe, as well as a hefty set of examples of data journalism in Latin America.

But now we want to hear from you. Help us add to this list. Where do you turn to build a visualization, find a data set for your story or to just learn more about the field?

We'll be wrapping up the call shortly, so submit your go-to link in the comments below or tweet at us with hashtag #globalddj, and it could be featured in our upcoming post.

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Data in Kenya has data on the government and is available to the public. Theirs range from census, national and county government spending, poverty indices to an open forum for dataset requests.


Data on India

I think IndiaSpend and Qz do some interesting work on Data Viz

Data Costa Rica

Demografic statistics, census data of Costa Rica and other countries of Central America:

Foreing trade statistics:

Public contracts information:

Data on Namibia

Bank of Namibia (; Namibia Statistics Agency (; Institute for Policy Research Unit in Namibia (


For India

I think its mostly community, its email list and wiki.

Media Blinks

Media Blinks is reliable and authentic source on internet regarding data journalism, News approaches and analysis about media and Journalism. Media Blinks ( is one platform for all media and journalism sources, opportunities, and analysis.

Zuhaib Ramzan Bhatti Lahore, Pakistan

Data on Pakistan

In Pakistan, most of the data regarding financial health of the country is available on the website of Central Bank, websites where from a journalist can mine data for news reports include-, Business newspaper, is another source of information.

Muhammad Luqman, Lahore (Pakistan) @luqmansheikh

Data on Turkey

Hi, here is some sources on Turkey

best @pinardag

Data Source

In Nepal, there is no one-window from where you can get the entire data but you have to go to different sites depending up what you are looking for. For example, if you need data related to banking and financial market, you have to visit If you are looking for data of government finance, then you have to go to and if you want trade related data, then visit Submitted by

Data j tools for Kenya: DataDredger

The Internews in Kenya data portal, Data Dredger has visualizations for download, data derived narratives, source data - a toolkit enabling and popularizing data j in Kenya.

Ida Jooste Internews in Kenya

Data on Portugal


Concerning Portugal:

-1. PorData (general statistics about Portugal and social indicators) -

-2. Base (public contracts) -

Keep up the good work. Joana Palminha (@jpalminha)

Data on Armenia

Hi, I put some data sources on Armenia in this article


Samvel Martirosyan

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