What does press freedom mean to you?

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The journalism students of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., want to know: "What does press freedom mena to you?" Upload your video and share your answer with a global community of people who care about press freedom.

I believe in Press Freedom

I believe in Press Freedom when reportage is based on actual facts and objectivity; and devoid of undue sensationalism and wilful falsehood. The Freedom granted the Press within a given society is a reflection of the openness of its system. Where there is suppression of truth and a culture of impunity freedom cannot be granted to the Press, because many wrong doings of government would best be shrouded in secrecy. It is easier to govern enlightened people but true enlightenment comes through good information and communication. Because we are in a world of polarity, so there is also bad information and communication. Good information can as well be wrongly communicated or distorted through the bias of the informant or media. Where the later becomes common the need for restriction becomes inevitable. I believe that the way a piece of information is passed can draw more attention than the actual substance or issue contained. Thank you.

pillar of democracy

Press freedom is the pillar of democracy. Thats why it is believed that press freedom and democracy are indispansable factor. If the society does not have press freedom the society is an autocratic.The voice of marginalised will be suppressed ,development procedures will be blocked and elites rules forever and ever.So press freedom is the most neccessary factor for the development of the society, pathfinder of social inclusion, human right defender and the strong bridge between people and the authority.Truth speaking without fear ,opinion building against bad governance is possible in a democratic society where press is free not only constitutionally but also practically. Kindly Shaligram Subedi ,Nepal

Press Freedom

I want to say Press is medium of connecting people from truth .in press we have power to spread our thought,ideas,.we are connected to the society we can change people thought .we can compaign on development issue .if the press is binded then it will be black day for press because everyone can threatned .everbdy can pressuraise .

The courage, the risk and the willingness

Money has been always strongly related with power and freedom. Another fact we are most certain about is that there must be freedom in press. In countries where money has the supreme power and corruption is almost on every corner, press freedom is barely breathing. But what does press freedom mean to me? It is the courage to express your thoughts even though the political situation in the country. It is the risk a journalist takes when making an investigative report.
It is the willingness to change the society by the work he or she does. Although freedom is an abstract concept, it has a material profile. Because when it comes to quality journalism, everybody look first for freedom of speech. One of the most important factor of democracy.

Press freedom goes to the basket full of priceless treasures. Only if the journalism is in a stable phase.

by Lyubomira Petrova, journalism student, Bulgaria

Press Freedom is Freedom to Express

Press freedom is a freedom to express what one witnesses for the right of the public to know. It must be truthful reporting of events without tint of falsity. News must be written as factual as it is without side comments.

Press freedom for opinion writer is based on the writer's own observation and belief on the events that is highly bias. One's opinion is from the writer's perception, but it must be guided, too, by the truth.

Truth is the best defense for libel.

Without press freedom the public will know nothing of the events around the locality. Now with the internet and satellite cable television, world events are accessible in any given moment.

So, cherish the Freedom of the Press.

Press Freedom is but creative freedom for the press

Freedom does not mean by all means that dead thrown stick up into the air! Freedom is linked with man's right in expressing oneself. To express ourselves the way it should be we need to be on our words. We as well need to have a witty mind and all our worthy observent looks in all around while we are marching our way forward. So conveying a news is a big responsibility. It does not mean to exaggerate things related to the news. People in charge should be careful when press touches are blinking down there. Finally , press freedom is to convey a news as they are. A free journalist is to build truth wherever it appears or lies. Kind regards Sabah M. Jasim Babel , IRAQ

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