Tips for journalists getting started with WordPress [Video]

Tips for journalists getting started with WordPress [Video]

Cesar Miquel | September 12, 2011

Journalists getting into the blogging game can learn the basics about popular publishing platform WordPress with this video by Emmy award-winning journalist and ICFJ trainer Patricio Espinoza.

It's the first in a four-part video series by Espinoza which includes basic video production, basic digital tools for journalists and advice from journalism entrepreneurs.

This video is also available in Spanish


Transfer my blog from bloggerpost to WordPress

Hi there,
I've a blog called iREFUGEE on However, after I saw your lesson about video posting I was thinking to blog on WordPress but I have lots of posts on bloogerpost and I was wondering if I could transfer them to my new account on WordPress. I hope this explains, let me know if you've any questions.
Best regards,

Transfer my blog from bloggerpost to WordPress

Hello. We asked Patricio about your question, and here’s his answer. "Maybe you mean Blogger instead of If that’s the case, Blogger offers a way to export all your content into an XML file. Then Wordpress has a built in feature in the dashboard that allows you to import the file.
However, you may have to upload photos separately. That said, if you have a lot of posts, many opt for setting up a new Wordpress site and then just having a link menu to the archives in Blogger. Hope this helps, I'm sure there are many tutorials online as popular as both services are."


Loved it. I watched the entire video and I am more persuaded that I can built my website with Wordpress. Thank you for this step by step demonstration.

Thank you for the information

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Technological Advancement to Third World

Glad to have come across activities of the WordPress. Hope I will be able to learn therefrom, in spite my nearly 40 years of experience within the developing context. Sharpening of skills is relevant in coping with existing challenges posed to the media.


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