Knight Fellow Chris Conte discusses health journalism in Uganda

Knight Fellow Chris Conte discusses health journalism in Uganda

Melina Koutsis | February 24, 2011

Knight International fellow Chris Conte discusses the important role of journalists in improving healthcare in Uganda and explains how a group of journalists pressured the government into launching an expansive polio vaccination campaign.

The Knight International Journalism Fellowships are a program of the International Center for Journalists.

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We are indebated

I am greatly indebted to Chris Conte for the training and mentorship he passed onto me. I am a better and knowledgeable health reporter partly because of Chris. He came to Uganda when I was only starting on the health desk and his training and supervision helped me grow into a better. The three years he spent here are so little in fact I envied the journalists in India who were taking him away from us. I hope and pray that I can cross his path again in my journalism career because I know I can learn much more for him. Chris you are something else.

Health Reporting

Conte has really done to the extent that he made health reporting a reality even in rural parts of Uganda where some of us freely interacted with him and shared his vast wisdom on health issues, i believe i will meet him again.
Patson in Kanungu district, Uganda

Health news and information

Unfortunately, i missed Chris while he was in Uganda. I had never heard of AHJA before, Its great to learn that there is an association like this! Am the editor in chief of the Health Times EA; a new monthly health publication focused on disseminating health news and information in the East African region.
I would be glad to join this association where am sure of learning a lot and sharing the expertise from a diverse team.
Am the founder of the Health Times EA. of which feasibility was done to establish the need for its existence. Before this i started a national NGO WEDNET - AFRICA in 2004 after losing my wife and son to HIV and remaining negative; the area of focus for this NGO is advocacy communication and social mobilization in Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS,Malaria and social determinants of health, my background is journalism a reason why i started the Health Times EA.
I have worked with Demographic Health Surveys data since 2004 and our health news and information concerning health system strengthening is data oriented.
To hear of a training that is empowering health reporters in this area, is really great for Africa.

Chris, please get in touch with me, there is a lot we can do together to empower African Journalists more.

Roger Paul Kamugasha
Editor in Chief
The Health Times EA
cell:+256 773158181


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