Fundamentals of shooting vox pop interviews

Fundamentals of shooting vox pop interviews

Cesar Miquel | October 22, 2012

Vox pop, or "man on the street" interviews, ask one question to many people to gauge public opinion on a topic. The idea is to conduct many interviews in a short time. Videographer, editor and media professor David Burns shows how to do them effectively.

Burns is a professor at Salisbury University and also teaches digital journalism workshops around the world, most recently in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

You can check out Burns' other videos for IJNet, including Shooting a formal interview and Shooting visual sequences.


Shooting 'man on the street' - Adetola Kayode,Nigeria

Thanks so much,Prof Burns.I got a new insight into shooting my vox-pop,especially the cross axis positioning,i trust it will help improve my stories,thanks!

How do I get access to these

How do I get access to these Videos,
or get the document.
My email is


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