Basic camera tools for journalists shooting video

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What easy-to-use tools should any backpack video journalist have? Emmy award-winning journalist and ICFJ trainer Patricio Espinoza offers some basic tips.

It's the latest a video in a series by Espinoza which includes getting started with Wordpress, six essential digital publishing tools and how to create a hyperlocal news website.

This video is also available in Spanish.


The batteries shown, AAA, are not the correct batteries for the Kodak Zi8 camera. It takes special rechargeable batteries. Buy a few knock offs in advance, charged them up and try them out first before doing something important.

You probably should use a self powered condenser mic with the appropriate mini jack adapter. One of the mics shown appeared to be an Electro-Voice RE 50 which isn't hot enough for the cheap camera audio circuits.

I have a couple like new zi8's for sale with spare rechargeable batteries, by the way.


shooting video

The basic rule for shooting video is NOT to move the camera. This video is useless as it promotes bad quality amateur product.

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