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Three ways to more accurately report public opinion

It's tempting for journalists to rely on public opinion polls when gauging political sentiment, especially when the results yield catchy headlines. But there are other ways to more accurately measure public perception.

Lindsay Kalter | May 02, 2013

How journalists and newsrooms can adapt to digital disruption

Here are a few tips for thriving in a constantly shifting media landscape.

Lindsay Kalter | May 01, 2013

Advice for succeeding as a freelance journalist

Freelancing comes with benefits such as autonomy and flexibility, but the fluid nature of the work can be challenging for many journalists.

Lindsay Kalter | April 22, 2013

Four pitfalls to avoid when reporting on science

Too many journalists just scratch the surface when covering science – or shy away from science-based subjects entirely. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Lindsay Kalter | April 15, 2013