Writing and Editing

Writing and Editing


Symposium focuses on journalism, editing and translation [Brazil]

Journalists and translators are invited to attend this event on Dec. 14 and 15 in Florianópolis.

Forbes Middle ​​​​​​​East seeks editor [UAE]

Experienced journalists fluent in Arabic and English can apply for this full-time position in Dubai.

Gulf News seeks night web editor [UAE]

Journalists with at least eight years of experience can apply for this position in Dubai.

پیشنهادهایی برای پوشش خبری گسترده تر آلودگی هوا در کلان شهرهای ایران

شاید توجه خبرنگاران به معضل آلودگی هوا در تمام طول سال، و نه تنها در زمان‌های شدت یافتن و بحرانی شدن آن در کلان شهرهای ایران، سبب تمرکز بیشتر مردم و مسئولان به این معضل، و کمک به کاهش خطرات آن شود.

مهرناز صمیمی | November 24, 2016

Grant available for literary reporting [Worldwide]

Early-career nonfiction writers who want to focus on a story that uncovers truths about the human condition can apply for the Matthew Power Literary Reporting Award.

Financial journalism competition open [India]

Journalists who work in newspapers and magazines in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai are eligible.

Wired magazine seeks editorial fellows [US]

College graduates with professional reporting and writing experience can apply for these positions in San Francisco.

Bloomberg seeks news interns [Brazil]

College students who are fluent in English and Portuguese can apply for an internship program in Rio de Janeiro.

InfoPro seeks journalists [Lebanon]

Arab journalists can apply for several positions in Beirut.

What journalists can learn from the 2016 US presidential election

After a shocking presidential election, political journalists can take several lessons away from the 2016 campaign.

Elyssa Pachico | November 11, 2016