GotToVote site preps Ghana, Uganda for 2016 elections

Created to help citizens register to vote for Kenya's general elections, GotToVote is now in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Uganda.

Jessica Weiss | April 06, 2015

Tips for reporters covering a parliament for the first time

In parliamentary reporting, providing context and analysis is essential.

Bob Eggington, Media Helping Media | August 15, 2014

BBC makes its training resources free to the public in 11 languages

If you're in the market for a free journalism education, hundreds of training materials are now at your disposal.

Margaret Looney | June 30, 2014

Bloggers covering Ukraine's elections prepare to face trolls, surveillance

Embattled bloggers in Ukraine, an analysis of BBC News' digital strategy, metered paywalls and more are found in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by the Center for International Media Assistance.

IJNet | May 23, 2014

How media could play a role in the Millennium Development Goals

Media and good-governance advocates are pushing to make access to independent media part of the new global framework for development.

Margaret Looney | May 12, 2014

How Argentina's La Nación opened Senate expense data to the public

The newspaper is empowering the public to verify and understand just what the country's elected leaders are spending public money on, from airline tickets to per diems.

Jessica Weiss | May 08, 2014

Press freedom threatened by digital attacks [World Press Freedom Day]

Journalists and bloggers who try to reveal corruption, electoral rigging and inefficient public policies become the target of digital warfare.

Jorge Luis Sierra | May 02, 2014

Poderopedia chapters in Venezuela and Colombia will map who is who in business and politics

Poderopedia, the platform that maps relationships among the powerful in Chile, expands.

Miguel Paz | May 01, 2014

“Yo Informo” lets Panama's voters report election abuses, question candidates

A new project in Panama engaged the public during the run-up to the country's May 4 elections.

Luis Botello | May 01, 2014

How a Mexican blogger created a business with political satire

Chumel Torres' satiric take on politics and journalism has managed to attract 483,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel in just one year.

James Breiner | March 14, 2014