Tips for freelance journalists reporting from protest zones

In light of the recent protests in Thailand, Ukraine and Venezuela, it’s more important than ever to revisit how freelance journalists can protect themselves.

Carlos Cabrera | March 03, 2014

Tips for journalists requesting information from authorities

Power sets barriers and the reporter pushes back against them. A veteran investigative journalist offers tips for getting access to the info you need.

Maye Primera | February 17, 2014

New tool empowers a citizen journalism community in Mozambique

Citizen Desk enables news organizations to more effectively incorporate citizen journalism into their work.

Jessica Weiss | July 08, 2013

Political coverage: Avoiding manipulation

To understand the relationship between the media and politics, it’s important to look at the various dynamics that can exist between a journalist and a politician.

David Brewer | December 17, 2012

Data journalism boosts voter registration in Kenya

A small, low-cost data journalism experiment in Kenya shows how useful open data can be to ordinary African citizens.

Justin Arenstein | December 03, 2012

Mapping election results in real time

With Election Day 2012 frenzy winding down, The Washington Post, USA Today and other news outlets shared their strategies for mapping the results.

Margaret Looney | November 09, 2012

How foreign reporters covering swing states viewed Election Day 2012

There is no better immersion into American political coverage than reporting from a swing state during a presidential election.

Margaret Looney | November 06, 2012

US presidential campaign coverage mostly negative, study finds

Politicians often lament that the press only reports the negative news about them. When it comes to the current U.S. presidential election, it turns out they are right, a Pew study says.

Lindsay Kalter | August 31, 2012

Four mistakes journalists make when reporting on polls

As the 2012 U.S. presidential election approaches, reporters will use public opinion polls to test the pulse of voters. Here are four common mistakes to avoid.

Lindsay Kalter | July 11, 2012

Key Google tools for politics coverage

The new Google Politics & Elections site helps journalists find trends and transform information into maps or timelines as they cover the U.S. 2012 presidential elections.

Valentina Gimenez | January 10, 2012