Digital Journalism

Digital Journalism


Comparison tool JuxtaposeJS creates a visual for stories that show change

As a freshman, Northwestern University student Alex Duner worked with the Knight Lab to create an open-source image slider for journalists to compare before and after shots.

Ashley Nguyen | November 06, 2014

MarketWatch seeks viral news editor [US]

Experienced editors can apply for a position in New York.

How to create an image comparison with JuxtaposeJS

Journalism competition seeks entries [Europe]

Journalists from the 47 countries in the Council of Europe can compete for the European Press Prize.

Journalism conference calls for papers [Worldwide]

The International Symposium on Online Journalism seeks research papers on any aspect of online journalism.

How to transform newsroom culture and overcome blockers to digital change

“There’s not going to be a Hollywood ending for print,” said digital innovation specialist Alison Gow. Here she offers eight tips for adding a digital lean to your newsroom. 

Jessica Weiss | November 03, 2014

The Wall Street Journal seeks blog editor [South Korea]

Experienced journalists who speak English and Korean can apply for the position in Seoul.

New report on journalists' safety available in six languages

In this week's Digital Media Mash Up by the Center for International Media Assistance, the Committee to Protect Journalists shines light on journalists' safety, the Los Angeles Times reports on censorship in China and more.

IJNet | October 31, 2014

Google mapping course available online [Worldwide]

Beginning journalists seeking to improve their digital skills can take a free course about Google's mapping tools.

The Wall Street Journal seeks blog editor [China]

Experienced journalists who are fluent in Chinese can apply for the position in Beijing.