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Multimedia Journalism expands our Stories

Multimedia journalism is still journalism… all the basics apply. However, we can now enrich the story with pictures, sound, slideshows and video to provide a more in-depth experience. Web visitors are able to interact with the content and focus on the pieces that interest them.

Multiple platforms are available to tap the public for information and content. These types of network apps for journalists make it possible for citizens to contribute pieces to a story they want to be told. Citizens can also donate their talents by sharing a tip, taking pictures, digging through public records or finding sources. These connections can also provide a personal viewpoint to a story by tapping into community postings and letting the journalists be partners in local issues.

Keys to apps for journalists on the go:

  • Writing: Depending on your device, look for something that’s simple but still has the features you need to get the job done. Make sure you have a way to organize documents, options for customizing often-used keystrokes, word counts and the ability to sync with a cloud storage system.
  • Photo Editing: You’ll need the ability to open large files and a complete set of editing features, including using masks, adding watermarks and more.
  • Video Editing: Just the basics will still do the job. An easy-to-use interface and quick rendering is key. No need for special effects.
  • Audio Recording: Make sure the sound quality is good and there’s a way to index your recording for future searches. It should be easy to use and reliable.
  • Police Scanners: For breaking news, streaming feeds from all types of emergency responders is essential. It should be able to run in the background so you can listen to feeds while doing other work.

IJNet also offers advice on distribution, sharing and engaging with social media – all integral parts of multimedia journalism. Get information about how to deliver content using SMS for texting, other mobile apps for journalists and setting up RSS feeds to your website. Learn how to listen to your audience and read about lessons learned from mobile information projects around the world.

Multimedia journalism is becoming an integral part of how we share events, report the news and communicate with others about issues affecting our lives. Join IJNet for access to all the tips, training, tools and apps for journalists today.

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