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Digital Journalism


How to make 10 types of video with your smartphone

Lifestyle publisher Thrillist offers two key elements to growing your media brand

Editor-in-Chief Adam Rich explained how the outlet relied heavily on email outreach and data to grow from a single site in California to having sites across more than 40 U.S. cities. 

Dena Levitz | August 31, 2015

State Department offers travel fellowship [US]

The Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship provides an academic year of travel abroad to report on themes including people, nature, critical species and innovation.

ICFJ Knight roundup: Code for Africa forges partnerships in Asia during Taiwan's first d|Bootcamp

Spreading innovations between Africa and Asia, audience data at the Hindustan Times and more from the Knight Fellows in this week's roundup. 

Alyssa Mesich | August 28, 2015

FNPI organizes workshops for journalists [Colombia]

The Gabriel García Márquez Foundation for a New Iberoamerican Journalism organizes seven free workshops during the FNPI Prize Festival, which will take place Sept. 29 to Oct. 1 in Medellín.

Q&A with Stephanie Nolen: How The Globe and Mail's multimedia project tackles race in Brazil

The 8,000 word piece 'Brazil's Colour Bind' is available in both English and Portuguese, and includes archival images, data, photography and video. 

Kiratiana Freelon | August 24, 2015

iPhone film contest open [Worldwide]

Films shot with an Apple iOS device, including iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, are eligible for an Apple Watch and other prizes.

Deutsche Welle offers internship [Germany]

Students who have some journalism experience and completed at least three academic semesters can apply for this internship in Bonn or Berlin. Fluency in Arabic, German, English or Spanish is desirable.

ICFJ Knight roundup: Salama app lets journalists assess risk before entering conflict zones

An app to keep journalists safe in Mexico, a tracking tool for government spending, #CecilTheLion and more from the Knight Fellows in this week’s roundup.

Jefferson Mok | August 21, 2015

TED fellowships open [Worldwide]

Media entrepreneurs, human rights activists and photographers can apply for a fellowship to attend a TED conference in Vancouver, Canada.